Smyths – bicycles (various)

The following notice appears on the Smyths website.

Bikes sold from 1 January to 31 July 2021

The incorrect housing cable may have been used and over time this may affect the performance of the brakes.

Date of sale
From 30 May 2021

What to do
Please return your product to your local Smyths Toys Superstores. Find your nearest store using our Store Finder, where our Bike Expert will inspect your bike, replace the cable and adjust your bike if required.

We may need to keep the bike for up to 3-5 working days to repair if required.

List below of bikes affected:
105777 – 12″ Hero Bike
143484 – 12″ Strike II Bike
187671 – 12″ Tiger Black / Red Bike
118062 – 14″ Dinosaur Bike
128378 – 14″ Police Bike
165961 – 14″ Strike Air Tyre Bike
172771 – 16″ Mini Freestyle Bike
102717 – 16″ Strike Bike
158323 – 16″ Team MX-16 Bike
165963 – 16″ Team Pink GX-16 Bike
165964 – 18″ Rein Bike
158325 – 20″ Avery Bike
158326 – 20″ Idaho Bike
136320 – 20″ Nitro Green Half Mudguard Bike
136284 – 20″ Nitro Pink Half Mudguard Bike
172772 – 20″ Team GX-20 White/Pink Bike
158329 – 20″ Team MX-20 Bike
135176 – 20″ Blaze Bike

Product Type: Bike

Country of Origin: China

Counterfeit: N/A

Risk Level: N/A

Notifier: Office for Product Safety and Standards

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