LED Flash Light Bear Soft Toy

A white plush teddy bear with a pink bow tie and colourful LED lights which
shine through the teddy’s fur

Alert Number: 2111-0496

Product Type: Toys - Teddy bear

Product Identifiers: Label: ‘I Love You Givedears Always Be With You’

Country of Origin: China

Counterfeit: Unknown

Risk Level: High

Risk Description: The product poses a high risk of choking as the stuffed material of the toy is easily accessible by the zipper. A young child could remove the toy's filling and put it in their mouth, blocking their airway and air flow to the lungs. (Children under 36 months are especially at risk because of their mouthing behaviour and their undeveloped or limited physical and mental maturation). This product does not comply with the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Corrective Measures: Recall of the product from end users.

Online Marketplace: Joom - The listing has been removed by the online marketplace.

Notifier: Office for Product Safety and Standards

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