Dunelm and Cosatto Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags for children available in various designs

Dunelm and Cosatto Sleeping Bags

Alert Number: 2202-0113

Product Type: Clothing, textiles, and fashion items - Baby Sleeping Bag

Product Identifiers: Dunelm Doodle Dino Sleep Bag 5057722733063/ 5057722733070 Dunelm Ditsy Bunny Sleep Bag 5057722733148/ 5057722733155 Dunelm Jersey Cloud Sleep Bag Pink 5057722733186/ 5057722733193 Dunelm Jersey Cloud Sleep Bag Grey 5057722733162/ 5057722733179 Cosatto Dragon Kingdom Baby Sleep Bag 5055161664481/ 5055161664498/ 5055161664504 Cosatto Mister Fox Baby Sleeping Bag 5055161664818/ 5055161664825/ 5055161664832 Cosatto Happy Stars Baby Sleeping Bag 5055161664702/ 5055161664719/ 5055161664726 Cossato Fairy Clouds Baby Sleeping Bag 5055161664610/ 5055161664603/ 5055161664597 Cossato Monster Mob Baby Sleeping Bag 5055161664931/ 5055161664924 Cossato Unicorn land Baby Sleeping Bag 5055161665051/ 5055161665044/ 5055161665037 Cossato Sea Monster Baby Sleeping Bag 5056387720111/ 5056387720128/ 5056387720135 Cossato Fairy Garden Baby Sleeping Bag 5056387719993/ 5056387720005/ 5056387720012 Cossato Crocodile Baby Sleeping Bag 5056387720050/ 5056387720067/ 5056387720074 Cossato Big Cats Baby Sleeping Bag 5056387719931/ 5056387719948/ 5056387719955

Country of Origin: Pakistan

Counterfeit: No

Risk Level: N/A

Risk Description: The products present a choking hazard due to containing small parts which fit into a small parts cylinder. The poppers on the sleeping bags can become detached from the product and pose a choking risk to young children. The product does not meet the requirements of the General Product Safety Regulations 2005

Corrective Measures: Dunelm/Cosatto have recalled the product from end users. For further information, please see link attached

Online Marketplace: N/A

Notifier: Local authority trading standards

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