Children’s Wooden Food Kitchen

Wooden fruit and vegetables toy set

Alert Number: 2109-0075

Product Type: Toys - Fruit & Veg Toys

Product Identifiers: eBay ID: 383372113166

Country of Origin: N/A

Counterfeit: N/A

Risk Level: Serious

Risk Description: This product presents a serious risk of choking as when tested according to tension test, the velcro of the pear detached at a force of 45 N and fits entirely within the small parts cylinder. This product does not meet the requirements of the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

Corrective Measures: We recommend owners stop using this product immediately. Contact the distributor you purchased from to request redress.

Online Marketplace: eBay ? The listing has been removed by the online marketplace

Notifier: Office for Product Safety and Standards

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