Children’s Toy Baby Doll in Bathtub Shower Set, Pretend Role Play Game

A colourful baby bath-time playset with bathing and showering accessories.


Alert Number: 2109-0309

Product Type: Toys – Baby Bath Toy

Product Identifiers: eBay Item Number: 402507434468

Country of Origin: China

Counterfeit: No

Risk Level: Serious

Risk Description: This product poses a chemical risk as it contains an excess concentration of phthalates. A young child playing with the toy is exposed to the phthalates which can potentially harm a child’s health either via cancer or non-cancer effects. Furthermore, when tested according to the tension test, the shower head, faucet crosses, shower head holder and pipe connector detached at forces between 5N and 14N. The arms and legs of the doll detached at forces between 68N and 80N, the faucet detached at a force of 15N and all these parts fit entirely within the small parts cylinder. The product does not comply with the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011 or the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) Enforcement Regulations 2008

Corrective Measures: The product has been recalled from end users

Online Marketplace: eBay – The product has been delisted from the online marketplace.

Notifier: Office for Product Safety and Standards

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