Aptonia – Electrolytes Tablets / Vitamins / Salts Caps

The following notice appears on the Decathlon website.

Dear customers, we detected an ethylene oxide content greater than the limit set by the regulations in one ingredient of the five products below.

As a precaution, we have decided to recall the following products and batches:

Vitamins + Minerals, 30 tablets, Orange taste: barcode 3583788426585, lot numbers, L21.140 L21.189Aptonia - Electrolytes Tablets / Vitamins / Salts Caps

Salts Caps, 100 caosules, Electrolytes: barcode: 3583788160144, lot number L21.182

Electrolytes Tablets, “ECOSIZE”, 2×20 tablets, Lemon flavour: barcode 3583787561478, lot number L21.166

Electrolytes Tablets, 2×10 tablets, Raspberry taste: barcode 3583787572207, lot number L21.188

Electrolytes Tablets, 2×10 tablets Lemon flavour: barcode 3583787572191, lot number L21.167

Where can I find the lot number on my product?

The batches concerned are withdrawn from marketing, some of these products were however sold before this withdrawal between June 19 and August 12, 2021 included.

If you have any of these lots, we ask that you do not consume it and return it to your nearest store front desk for an exchange or a refund (even if the product is incomplete)

For any further information, we invite you to contact our customer relations center which will answer all your questions.

via email: customer.enquiries@decathlon.com or chat at decathlon.co.uk

The APTONIA team thanks you for your understanding and apologizes for the inconvenience caused


Country of Origin: China

Counterfeit: No

Risk Level: High

Notifier: Office for Product Safety and Standards

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